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Attorney John Grant (also a widely published author) publishes two regular e-newsletters. ¬†Below, you’ll find more information, links to archived versions of each newsletter, and sign-up forms if you’d like to receive these free publications. ¬†The information and inspiration you find in either (or both) could prove invaluable!

Thoughts on Law

Published roughly once a month, Thoughts on Law provides readers with updates and helpful information regarding all areas of the TEP legal practice including Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate & Trust Administration and more. It also helps readers understand how these areas of the law apply to everyone, not just the elderly or wealthy, and gives tips and steps you can take to get your affairs in good order.

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Thoughts on Life

Published weekly for more than twenty years, Thoughts on Life is an inspirational and informative newsletter from a Christian perspective. Each week includes a great mix of teaching, humor, and heartfelt encouragement which readers look forward to finding in their in-box every Saturday morning.

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Thoughts on Life